Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan will miss just one game.

The NFL reduced Trevathan’s suspension from two games to one game, stemming from a helmet-to-helmet hit on Packers receiver during last Thursday’s game in Everson Griffen Jersey Green Bay.

On Tuesday “The Herd” host called Philadelphia the “dumbest Ndamukong Suh Youth Jersey sports city in America.”

“I want to talk about the city of Philadelphia for three minutes — which has to be the dumbest sports city in America because they ran Andy Reid out of town. This is amazing. Andy Reid’s won 60 percent of his NFL games with average to below average quarterbacks. Nobody’s done that in twenty years. He got to five NFC championships and a Super Bowl with a quarterback that with an 85 passer rating in his career and a 59 percent completion ratio, Donovan McNabb. Nobody does that.”

“Maybe Philly fans are so dopey, they jut don’t like the word ‘Reid,’ they don’t like to read, I don’t know what it is. But you cheered Michael Irvin’s career-ending injury. I can’t trust a fanbase that has a courtroom and a jail under their stadium. Do you get and appreciate how good Francona, Jay Wright and Reid are? He’s doing what nobody can do in football: Win with quarterbacks people don’t want.”