Bryce Harper had a down 2016 season, but if his first at-bat of 2017 is any indication, the Nationals superstar is set for a bounce-back year.
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In his first Grapefruit League plate appearance of the year, the outfielder launched a mammoth home run to right center field.

It’s a Long Way to October aired on WTBS over two nights beginning March 28, 1983. The crew, along with Turner, watched the premiere in a private room at an Atlanta restaurant.
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The reviews were unanimously positive 鈥?especially from Turner, who whooped and hollered and shouted praise around the room as he watched the idea that he proposed nearly 18 months earlier play out in front of him.

This is the greatest thing in the world! was Turner’s feedback that night.

To watch Ted’s pride 鈥?this was his baby. This was his idea from the beginning, Diamond said. And here he was watching it and he was excited.

After all, good entertainment is all Turner had wanted.

He was clapping, Diamond said. He was like a fan watching it. 鈥?That was as much fun as any of it, enjoying the night that it aired with Ted.

That the special was produced during the 1982 season seems fortuitous in hindsight, given the drama that unfolded. Perhaps Turner had an inkling that good things were in store. Or perhaps it was all luck.