The 2017 NBA draft is still a month away, but the first 14 picks in the draft order will be decided Tuesday with a lottery to determine which team will own the No. 1 pick. Unlike the NFL, losing the most games in the NBA doesn’t guarantee the first selection, just the best chance at getting it.

For the Cleveland Browns — a team that finished the 2016 season 1-15 — the NFL’s system meant a secured opportunity to select Myles Garrett with the top pick. But what if the NFL adopted the lottery system that both the NBA and NHL use?

When I first entered the NFL, players still struggled with reporting concussions to the trainers. No matter how much you hear the phrase “you can’t/won’t lose your job to injury,” that’s just not true. Reporting a concussion could lead to job loss. However, with more education and attention paid to CTE, players have started to self report concussions to the athletic trainers. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see this change in the players.

So now we get to Gisele’s comments about Brady. There are two ways to interpret her comments — 1) Brady casually mentioned he had a headache or wasn’t feeling right, and Gisele took that as a concussion, or 2) (and I think this is more probable) Brady mentioned he wasn’t feeling right, and Gisele, who’s been in this game for awhile and most likely knows how her husband is feeling, knew it was a concussion without actually asking Tom about it.

My wife is a nurse and we spent eight years in football. She knew exactly how I was feeling, even if I didn’t tell her the absolute truth about an injury. My wife once diagnosed me with a gastrointestinal issue before the team did. So I think it’s improper to just dismiss Gisele’s comments as “she’s not a doctor.”