The NHL is a business. Yes, it is a business dependent upon its fans and fan interest, but that’s fan interest as a whole, not the interest of a select group of fans.

The formula has proven successful so far for the league and the participating teams, but in recent years fan fatigue has become apparent. The league increased the number of outdoor games in 2011, bringing back the Heritage Classic that February, a month after the Winter Classic.

The Cardinals are a team full of capable Joe Pavelski Authentic Jersey starters, short on high-end talent. Carlos Martinez, however, breaks the mold. He led the team in fWAR in 2016, and is projected to do the same in 2017. You James Develin Game Jersey might be aware of the fact that fWAR only considers fielding-independent results, and that might sell Carlos short. I found that while his K’s have dropped this year, he was allowing weaker contact.

That could just be random, or it could be a logical result from a strategy of pitching more to contact. Don’t take my word for it? That’s understandable. Fangraphs writer Rylan Edwards found that Carlos was the only pitcher in baseball with three pitches with above-average movement vertically and horizontally. That seems to earn him both more called strikes than average, as well as weaker contact than average.

While there is understandably a lot of excitement surrounding Top Prospect Alex Reyes and the chance he becomes an ace, El Gallo is the Cardinals player most likely to obtain superstar status in the near future. He also only has three years of control left. Newest VEB writer Josey Curtis has already floated the idea, as has Jeff Todd of