Josh Norman on Patrick Peterson: ‘He shouldn’t be trolling me’

Peterson’s tweet didn’t sit well with Jackson, who tweeted his displeasure and said Thursday: “I’m just wondering why this dude was speaking on me and bringing me up in conversation. … Both of them guys are two of the great corners in this league and they’ve definitely earned the respect, but just try to keep guys names out of your mouth. Just go out there and play ball.”

Norman said he and Jackson talked about it Thursday morning.

“It’s like, why are you trolling people?” Norman said. “You should be worried about practicing and don’t worry about talking about other players. Some people want the spotlight and some don’t. Some people really want to get to where we’re at and it’s sad… Dude, you’re a first-round pick, why are you worried about me?

“We get to play them guys and when the time comes we’ll see what DeSean do to him in a regular season game because he already did it.”

The Redskins and Cardinals play Dec. 4. It’ll certainly lead to another buildup for a game involving Norman and another player; New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr., has taken jabs at Norman, too.

PHILADELPHIA — The quarterback room could have been a disaster area for the Philadelphia Eagles. Instead, everything seems fine as the team passed the 10-day mark of training camp Thursday.

Three months ago, Sam Bradford was upset that the team traded up for the No. 2 pick in the NFL draft just months after signing him to a two-year, $34 million contract. Bradford walked out of OTAs before the draft, which saw the Eagles use that No. 2 pick on North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz.

Bradford returned after missing about 10 days. Head coach Doug Pederson welcomed him back with little public fuss. Wentz arrived, and a potentially awkward and acrimonious relationship has been mollified by the personalities of the men involved.

“I like Carson a lot,” center Jason Kelce said. “I think he has the right mentality. A lot of times, top picks come in with a little prima donna attitude, like they’ve already earned something.

“That’s not Carson at all. I think that’s helped out Sam too — that approach. (Wentz) is definitely a competitive guy, definitely wants to be on the field. I think at the same time, he understands that you have to earn everything in life.”

It helps that the attitude comes to Wentz naturally.

“That’s just my personality,” Wentz said. “I don’t feel like I’m bigger or better than anyone else. I’m just out here trying to make this team better. That’s always been how I’ve carried myself. I don’t expect myself to get more credit than I deserve.”

Carroll tosses Michael Bennett out of ‘Hawks practice

“(The team’s passion is) translating into sometimes we lose a little bit of the poise that we need,” Carroll said after practice. “We can’t play like that. You get in a skirmish, you get thrown out. That’s what happens. So that happened today. And that’s just the way you do it, the way we do it.”

Preseason jawing is completely normal, and in some cases acceptable as a team-building exercise. But for the oldest coach in the league, Bennett’s yapping — on and off the field — had gone on long enough without repercussions.

Josh McCown has heard the whispers.

With the Dallas Cowboys on the prowl for a quarterback, the veteran Browns passer acknowledged Thursday that the Cleveland brass have spoken with him about a potential trade.

“Just leave it like that,” McCown said, per Tony Grossi of “We’re on the same page.”

Coach Hue Jackson shot down McCown-to-Dallas rumblings during his Thursday presser, saying “There is nothing to it as far as we’re concerned. I’ve heard about it, obviously I have, but I feel good that he’s here. He’s a Cleveland Brown and I know nothing else about the other part of it.”

The Browns have given all their first-team camp snaps to Robert Griffin III, leaving McCown as a possible trade candidate for Dallas, who lost backup passer Kellen Moore this week to a broken ankle.

The trade makes sense on another level: McCown is from Texas and acknowledged that if he were to go anywhere, Dallas would be his pick. The 37-year-old journeyman went out of his way to note that he wears No. 12 as a tribute to Roger Staubach.

None of that is wholly damning on its own, but Bennett and the Seahawks have not been on the same page completely for some time now. It’s certainly possible they could seek to trade him if he makes even more noise — it has been going on for two years now — about contract talks continuing to stalemate. Bennett is scheduled to make $7 million this season and $9.5 million in 2017 but wants to be paid like a top defensive end, which is more north of $10 million per year.